Jess Hodgson: Home Again


Circular Regeneration

Custom House, Newham, London

To test a new approach to regeneration, which makes efficient use, wherever possible, of existing structures, trees and materials found on site. The memories embedded in the place will be retained, in a strategy that minimises the project’s embodied carbon and allows residents of an established community to remain in their homes.

MotivationAt present the introverted estate suffers from a lack of overlooking in its public space, and the maze-like street layout makes it feel unsafe. By adding density and by rationalising the streetscape, the masterplan creates a more active and safe environment to foster more social interaction.

While maintaining the resident community, the project also looks to increase the density of the site: new blocks are added, and the efficiency of the existing buildings is increased.

This is a regeneration project that looks to refurbish an existing estate and its public realm and create a more vibrant, active and safe part of the city.