Jaymi Sudra: The Extended Family Home


Alleviating the pressures of overcrowded homes and improving the typology of the terrace

Leather Gardens, Stratford, Newham

To improve the provision of affordable housing through a diverse offering of typologies that empower modern-day families and multi-generational households in contested space.

To improve the mental health and well-being of residents by transforming the quality of their spaces. The nature of the home should be adaptable and responsive to the ever evolving needs of the family, in contrast to homes that were built for the limited definition of the ‘nuclear family’.

1. To create a lightweight flexible framework structure that can enable the existing footprint of terrace housing to be extended. Vertical and horizontal expansion accommodates changing needs for the home’s capacity.
2. To limit demolition, while improving the urban grain with new defined routes amongst a denser street level condition.
3. To carve voids in dwellings for internal courtyards and light into their densified volumes..

Residents have a new found spatial and domestic agency. They are able to redefine their homes in response to their changing needs. This attitude to dwelling reinforces the importance of adaptability and evolvability in architecture.