Ivo Pery: Finding the hidden homeless


A new approach to homeless prevention

Former Rail Yard, Plaistow Station, London Borough of Newham

This project proposes a new typology of mixed-use development with the aim of supporting homelessness prevention in London..

Current systems for the homeless focus on relief rather than prevention. This fails to address any underlying societal issues whilst simultaneously costing local authorities millions of pounds each year. This approach must change.

With a shelter at its heart, the scheme also comprises housing and commercial space. By mixing different user groups together, the project encourages positive social interactions which in turn act as drivers for change. Victims of hidden homelessness aged 19-25 will receive shelter as a priority before embarking on learning, training, or work – all hosted within the scheme’s facilities – in order to move toward a more autonomous existence.

By making subtle but powerful changes to the design of conventional developments, this typology could be deployed in any borough, paving the way for comprehensive prevention of homelessness across London.