Hugh Gatenby: The connected class


A look beyond the four walls of the classroom

Hallsville School, Newham, London

A prototype school to encourage the integration of Collaborative Augmented Reality (AR) nationwide, and the formation of a network of classrooms to exchange the rich and varied perspectives of schools from across the country.

Collaborative AR is currently being tested in business, but its capacity to allow people to see into another space as if it were a continuation of their own could have far-reaching impacts on educational space.

By integrating AR, the architecture allows the school’s classroom walls to reveal the spaces of different classrooms from across the country. The walls are no longer the limits of the classroom, but its national reach. Rather than a four sided container box, classrooms will become faceted panoramas: each wall looking into a different school. Built with earth from site, the local identities celebrated through interaction are also celebrated in the architecture.

3D printing technology, detailed in the ITT submission, will allow a rapid construction of compatible classrooms across the UK, igniting a new national conversation.