Eira Mooney: The sound gardens


Architecture for sonic therapy

Marian Place,  London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Old Bethnal Green Gasworks)

To provide a neighbourhood dedicated to immersive sound experiences, aiding users to maintain physical and mental health by reaching higher states of calmness, wellbeing and ecstasy.

The built environment typically inhibits citizens of London from living peaceful, stress-free, and blissful lives in balance with nature.

The Sound Gardens’s focal point is a centre for sonic therapy. Located in the footprint of a former gas holder structure, the main circular event space is completed once artists and practitioners bring sound for meditation and dancing. Hidden under carpet, kinetic tiles generate electricity as feet move across the floor. The harvested energy powers the sound system and adjacent hydroponic growing facilities. Vegetables grow and the community can benefit from locally produced vegan food.

With visitors’ physical and mental wellbeing improved from movement and frequencies, The Sound Gardens is a model for neighbourhood design with the vision of a healthy and beautiful planetary future at its heart.