Duncan Graham: Asphalt aspirations


A speculative framework for London’s soon-to-be redundant road network

A12 East Cross Route/The Wider Arterial Road Network of London

To establish a framework for the future development of London’s arterial roads, placing emphasis on creating car-free, localised, green pieces of city that are fully embedded in their contexts.

With various technologies and societal changes on the horizon, car use in the capital may soon fall drastically, opening up the potential for the redevelopment of its road network.

The project proposes the transformation of a key road in East London into a car-free development that places connectivity, amenity, and localised living at its heart. The development acts as a pilot project, establishing principles at three scales to form a framework for the wider and more comprehensive redevelopment of the city’s road network.

By establishing a framework, this project will define new pieces of city across London, repairing the scars of the Motor Age and transforming the urban fabric for the better