Daniel Booth: A chance encounter


Residential living with social interaction at the forefront of every scale

Stratford Shopping Centre, London Borough of Newham 

To transform a redundant shopping destination, The Stratford Centre, into a busy residential community in Newham with a focus on neighbourly relationships and dependencies.

Time and time again structures are demolished to create private residential developments that eventually generate feelings of isolation for the inhabitants. Reduced shared space and limited neighbourly interactions can easily alienate city dwellers.

The structural elements of the redundant shopping centre are retained and the spaces are reused for residential purposes. Densification is achieved by adding massing on top of the existing structure to create a central plaza and four further gardens. By overlapping key spaces and shifting the balance between private and shared space, neighbourly interaction is the focus at every scale.

To reduce the environmental impact of increasing population density by repurposing redundant structures as well nurturing social interaction to positively influence mental wellbeing in the city. To create a versatile structure that allows flexibility and generational changes.