Daniel Barrett: Urban Ecology


A new typology of residential architecture that facilitates ecological living

Lower Lea Valley, London Borough of Newham

To create a design methodology that combats the cultural and philosophical catalysts of climate change. These are a Cartesian dualism, the enlightenment principle that segregates nature and culture, and neoliberalism, the pervasive political movement that stripped the individual from the group.

The project seeks to minimise the carbon output of civilization, through the expansion of architecture’s role in sustainable discourse.

The architecture choreographs rituals with the cycles of nature, in order to intertwine the human and non-human. A residential proposal seeks to create a web of interaction where individuals can come to understand the wider network of groups that each of us depend on.

With attention focused on the pathogenic worldviews that lead to climate collapse (that account for 100 per cent of CO2 release), rather than the symptoms of this worldview that are seen in the construction industry (account for 40% of CO2 release), the greater problem can begin to be tackled.