Alec Crisp: The future of food


A new campus that brings together diverse food processes to feed our cities

Lyle Park, The Royal Docks, London Borough of Newham

To combine many agricultural, culinary and dining activities in one campus. To deal with food at all stages, from production to consumption (and waste), and immerse visitors in a world of sustainable food.

The planet is being destroyed by our food system in many ways: top-soil depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater consumption and contamination, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Six buildings and a number of glasshouses support a variety of food processes and functions, enabling the growing of a variety of foods, and taking these ingredients from source, through processing and cooking, to consumption. Ingredients are produced in glasshouses and laboratories (R&D of alternative proteins), stored and processed in a ‘pantry’ (distribution centre), before being cooked in kitchens (culinary school) or consumed in a market or parade. A ‘digester’ processes all waste onsite and converts it to energy to power the campus.

1. A new generation of urban farmers, chefs, and conscientious eaters.
2. A vibrant neighbourhood, offering residents plentiful food.
3. A city equipped with a centre of knowledge for a more self-sufficient future.