Petroleum – and its derivatives – is a finite resource. Our society will struggle to adapt to a polymerless world. As the cost of producing plastic skyrockets, it will become profitable to filter, collect, refine and sell the plastic scattered around the globe. Thus, Polimeria is born, a nomadic community of scavengers that connect and refine the plastic floating in our oceans, carried by currents to so-called ‘plastic islands’.




We aren’t sustainable

Frustrated with the lack of conversation around digital works, Fraser Morrison instigated the ‘We Aren’t a Gallery’ project, evolved from a belief that, if Instagram is the visual language for architectural ideas and trends, there should be a way of using it to spark deeper engagement with bigger issues. He took his own living room and paired it with Instagram to create an exhibition in a physical space where anyone could see work submitted to an open call focused around the tagline ‘We Aren’t Sustainable’. The brief asked contributors to respond through any medium in any way they saw fit. Within two weeks, Fraser had more than 50 submissions from as far afield as Brazil and Australia. The projects spoke of social infrastructures for minority ethnic groups, of new systems of living, of futures in which we find a way out of climate crisis, of hope. Read more about Fraser’s curatorial process and the reason he instigated the idea in his essay here.

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