A new generation of practitioners are challenging our definitions of experts and expertise and calling for more diverse voices to be heard. Citizen talks to some of the innovators and entrepreneurs who are working across and beyond professional boundaries to improve city life.

Pierre Shaw & Kishan San: School of Speculation

Pierre Shaw & Kishan San

Pierre Shaw and Kishan San launched the School of Speculation (SOS), an independent design school which challenges current models of higher education

Why did you set up the School of Speculation?
SOS is a response to the worsening crisis in arts education. The UK portrays itself as an international home for the creative industries, yet the government has removed art and design from its ‘core’ subjects at secondary school level and university tuition fees continue to rise. We wanted to provide vocation-based education for designers and architects looking to test their discipline through research-related spatial practice, artworks or interdisciplinary design.

What’s your business model?
The school is run as a not-for-profit organisation in order to maximise the potential for funding and pass on financial benefits directly to its students. We are looking to develop a model that works in partnership with host institutions. Our city’s museums and galleries (many of which share an interest in radical pedagogy) can really help to shape a new educational offering.

What is the ultimate goal?
To provide a multitude of truly affordable critical design courses with a sustainable financial model that allows us to operate all year round.