A new generation of practitioners are challenging our definitions of experts and expertise and calling for more diverse voices to be heard. Citizen talks to some of the innovators and entrepreneurs who are working across and beyond professional boundaries to improve city life.

Alex Depledge: Resi

Alex Depledge

Alex Depledge is CEO and co-founder of Resi, an online consultancy that demystifies the process of making home improvements

What do you do?
We offer affordable, fast, high-quality architectural services to every UK household, no matter the size of their project or budget. Our online platform allows homeowners to manage their entire project from one online dashboard, connecting to our team of architects with our messaging and screen-share features. We provide a clear price plan upfront, and even assist with budget. We also help with planning applications and building regulations, as well as connecting homeowners with vetted builders to complete their projects.

Why do you do it?
We want to make using an architect as straightforward and cost efficient as possible. For too long, architecture
has been inaccessible and confusing – ripe for disruption.

How did you come to be doing what you’re doing?
My business partner Jules Coleman and I set up which allowed cleaners to bid for jobs. I was responsible for growing the business to more than £8m turnover in under two years. After, Jules and took time out. Around this time, I was having a nightmare trying to extend my house. Three months in and £2,500 lighter, I still had nothing to show for it. At that point, I met architects Rich Morgan and Nick Stockley, Resi’s other co-founders. They told me the whole industry was confusing. As soon as they said that, I knew I’d found the next idea.

What’s your business model?
We charge for services rendered, whether that’s architectural plans, facilitating building regulations,
or connecting clients with reliable contractors. The residential improvement slice of the UK construction GDP was worth £22 billion in 2017. This is our target market, one with huge size and potential for growth.