Eloise Rogers: The Rites of Passage


London is a world city. It is simultaneously expanding and contracting, growing ever-outwards – and upwards – yet on the brink of divorce from the neighbouring continent. The next generation of designers must deliver fresh thinking to tackle issues that range from the scale of the street to global climate change. We asked pioneering graduates from the LSA how they’d adapt London to ensure that it is inclusive of its citizens, integrated with nature and fit for the future

This new type of primary school aims to mix up everyday routines, getting primary school children out of the classroom and into the city, helping them to live fitter, healthier and happier lives. Here, the typical school building is dispersed as a series of external classroom spaces along a pedestrian-focused route. A series of interventions and outdoor classrooms stimulate the imagination, trigger curiosity and encourage active play.

Reusing a redundant gasometer at the former gasworks in Rotherhithe, this flagship scheme for an open-plan single-storey facility can accommodate several classroom groups from different primary schools. The flexible environment encourages children to explore and engage with others, while a wellness space offers a shared resource for schools and the wider community.