Cameron Lintott: -city


London is a world city. It is simultaneously expanding and contracting, growing ever-outwards – and upwards – yet on the brink of divorce from the neighbouring continent. The next generation of designers must deliver fresh thinking to tackle issues that range from the scale of the street to global climate change. We asked pioneering graduates from the LSA how they’d adapt London to ensure that it is inclusive of its citizens, integrated with nature and fit for the future

St Saviours Estate in Bermondsey is part of an area of loose, borderless housing estates from the 1900s. This project suggests a blueprint for increasing the supply of inner-city housing and combating social isolation by making these ‘in-between’ parts of the city more vibrant, contrasting and intense – less suburban and more urban. A new mixed-use building combines civic, communal and private spaces around a public street, which forms part of a route between Tower Bridge and the rapidly developing Old Kent Road.