Just as the LSA is in crucial ways a new kind of architectural school, so it has a new kind of journal, Citizen.

Both the LSA and Citizen recognise the profound and continuing changes of recent decades, much of it driven by an explosion of knowledge and expertise affecting architecture along with everything else. Yet the typical architectural course is no longer than before, so ever more architectural competence is left to be acquired later in practice. To partially compensate, Citizen will be a cumulative educational resource building issue by issue to cover what the LSA and other schools cannot otherwise deliver within the constraints of time and money. No vanity project, then, Citizen is designed for a pedagogic role furthering the LSA’s aims while school and journal co-evolve as works in constant progress driven by bigger and more timely dreams than can yet be delivered.

Read Editor-in-Chief, Peter Buchanan’s full essay on Citizen’s intention, in full, here.